heshenFrom the get go, we’ve built Christ’s Pieces around a conviction:
Christian practices matter.

As we’ve explored in Open Book, working through James Smith’s Desiring the Kingdom, it’s not enough to be informed and have all your beliefs in order. Plenty of people believe right in the cognitive sense, but their lives are functionally unredeemed. Instead, we need to train, to discipline, to form our bodies. Only then will we be transformed. Paul’s teaching in Colossians 3 about “putting off” the old and “putting on” the resurrected life may come to mind.

What, then, are Christian practices?

Toying with dozens of definitions, here’s how we’ve characterised it for Christ’s Pieces.

Christian practices are

… rich and repetitive actions we do,
over time and often together,
which engage our senses and imagination,
reminding us of God’s presence
and aiming us at His Kingdom

So, how might you get creative, and take an active role partnering with God’s animating Spirit toward Christ-like transformation?

Read on! Here’s our ever expanding bank of practices with which we’ve experimented at Christ’s Pieces … A Litany of Practices, and Dr. Lindsay Farrell’s Noosa Camino.