How would God have us follow Him at today’s cultural cross road?

Christ’s Pieces is a park in Cambridge, at the intersection of the university and the mall – a quiet space amidst the city’s noise and complexity, dedicated to reflection.

It is a symbol of the space we want to occupy, half a world away.

A peaceful space on Australian soil

… to deepen


Thursdays fortnightly, 7pm


Open Table

…to share  


Fridays every couple of months, 7:30pm



… to imagine


Saturdays 2x/yr, 9am-1pm, alongside Malyon Traverse


See “vision” for upcoming events. Check pages for preparation. All are welcome.

6 thoughts on “

  1. Hi Dave.
    I’m curious to know what you and Nikki are up to – how Christ’s Pieces works? What are ways to be connecting in? What you will be reading for your open book times and when this will start next?
    Please let me know how may be a good way to come along and join in. Thanks!


    • Hey Jo,
      hopefully yours wasn’t the ‘unknown’ mobile number I missed calls from today :S … if so, text me, and I’ll add your number. Here are few more details. Basically, ‘Christ’s Pieces’ is the community name as a whole, and then we have 3 aspects to this community, each aligned with the tabs on the web-page (

      *Quarry – a weekly 8am Sunday morning church gathering … very basic, outdoors (bring your own chair & hat!), in the Anstead Quarry … see the maps. This Sunday (21 Jan) we’re meeting 8am at College’s Crossing, as we have a couple of baptisms. Expect around 12 people in the round, with significant silence and Scripture engagement as part of our rhythms, communion weekly also. Typically we meet at 8am, finish by around 11am, including hanging out together in community.

      *Open Book – restarting in March, and running every second Thursday night 7pm at our house (152 Tanderra Way, Karana Downs) … next book is “Whole Life Worship: Empowering Disciples for the Frontline” ( and

      *Open Table – perhaps every second month, on Friday nights … a night of shared food, and shared stories centred on a key theme, e.g. faith, hope, love, truth, goodness, beauty, hospitality, risk, etc. … will sort out a calendar in late February to advise when this is on next.

      Again, feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email … happy to add your email to our group email, so you’re kept in the loop.

      Would love to see you around sometime, whether as a one-off, or more regularly. We have a lovely community, with great diversity in personality, vocation and age, but we’re committed to Christ and “stumbling forward together”.

      Kind regards,
      Nik & Dave


      • Thanks Nik and Dave.
        I just saw these emails now, so sorry for my delayed response!
        I’m planning on coming tomorrow evening if that is ok? Got my book ready to go.
        Hope to see you then.

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      • Jo! Genuinely, brought a smile to my face to hear from you, and at the possibility of having you join us 😊 No pressure, but I’m happy to add your email to my group emails if you want to stay in the loop – just let me know via Kind regards, Dave



  2. I’m Bardon Indian share houses at the moment
    I’m not interested in non Christian way
    Many thanks when I lived in Japanese local
    Place. Appriciate


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