How would God have us follow Him at today’s cultural cross road?

Christ’s Pieces is a park in Cambridge, at the intersection of the university and the mall – a quiet space amidst the city’s noise and complexity, dedicated to reflection.

It is a symbol of the space we want to occupy, half a world away.

A peaceful space on Australian soil

… to deepen


Thursdays fortnightly, 7pm


Open Table

…to share  


Fridays every couple of months, 7:30pm



… to imagine


Saturdays 2x/yr, 9am-1pm, alongside Malyon Traverse


See “vision” for upcoming events. Check pages for preparation. All are welcome.

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  1. Hi Dave.
    I’m curious to know what you and Nikki are up to – how Christ’s Pieces works? What are ways to be connecting in? What you will be reading for your open book times and when this will start next?
    Please let me know how may be a good way to come along and join in. Thanks!


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