Let’s forget communion?

Thought you might find this blog post interesting. It’s by Caleb Trimble, called “Let’s Forget About Communion“.

As Caleb writes in his blog:

We don’t gather to make church cool.
We don’t gather to make the unchurched feel welcomed.
We don’t gather for an awesome worship experience.
We don’t gather for a sermon that makes us think.
We don’t gather to spend time with our friends.

We gather for communion. Because in communion, everything begins to make sense. In communion, friends and enemies come together. In communion, Christ’s Kingdom is experienced. In communion, the church finds its hope. In communion, Christ is present and exalted.

It is time to bring into focus this sacrament.

Open TableA great read, passed through to me by Noel Payne–thanks mate. Fits in really well as stimulus for our next Open Book discussion on Thursday June 18 at our place, called “Hospitality & Home-Bake”. Check out the Ana Maria Pineda 12 page chapter on Hospitality here. The big question: “What does hospitality look like in my life, and how can I extend God’s table grace to others?” This week will give a taste of “Open Table” which we hope to start later in the year.

So, bring some food to share, and a story to tell at the heart of your experience of giving and receiving hospitality. And let’s enjoy together God’s eucharist, courtesy of Christ.

Blessings, Nik and Dave

2 thoughts on “Let’s forget communion?

    • Thanks Jennifer – totally agree 🙂 Obedience is often underrated, or seen as a bad thing, in an individualistic culture where we reserve the right to have the final say in everything we do.


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