Art Stimuli: Desiring the Kingdom

“Supper at Emmaus” by Caravaggio (wk 1);

Supper at Emmaus

“Objects and Ornithology Series” by Deb Mostert (wk 2)

Objects and Ornithology 2Objects and Ornithology 1

“Christ Pantocrator” (wk 3);

Christ Pantocrator

“Prince of Peace” by Akiane Kramarik (wk 3);

Prince of Peace

and “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” movie trailer (wk 3)

The Chronicles of Narnia

“Forgiven” by Thomas Blackshear (wk 4);


ANZAC image (wk 4)


“Sacrifice” by Rayner Hoff (wk 4)


“Baptism” by Nolan Lee (wk 5);


“Feasting Table”; “The Plodder” by Michael Leunig (wk 5)

The plodder

The “West” Window of Coventry Cathedral glass etchings by John Hutton (wk 6)

coventry cathedral 7

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