Art Stimuli: Kingdom Calling

Week 1: “The Banjo Player” by Henry Ossawa Tanner


Week 4: “In His Image” by William Zadanak

In his image by William Zadanak

Week 5: “The World Turns” by Michael Parekowhai

the world turns michael parekowhai 2 the world turns michael parekowhai 1

Week 8: “Fellow Humans” by Stephen Hart

fellow humans by stephen hart

Week 9: Poetry and Prayer

poetry 1poetry 2

Practices Images:

Week 1: Overflowing Vessel & Week 2: Clay pot

XP vessel and sponge clay pot 2

Week 5: Relinquishing Activity using Helium Baloon

Relinquish image xp balloons II XP balloons

Week 6: “Beattitudes”, “Children of God” by Desmond Tutu

beatitudes children's story tutu

Week 7: Night Sky Listening

Night Sky listening

Week 8: Cord Plaiting

Plaiting Cord


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